Perfect nail polish in 4 strokes

Do you want perfect nails, but don’t have time to go to the beautician? To make a perfect do-it-yourself manicure you need to know a few simple rules; just take your time ! First, place yourself comfortably on a flat surface with enough light.

The base
Applying the base is extremely important for a long hold and to protect the nails from the pigments of colored polishes (if it is curative it is even better).

The colour
The fateful moment of color has arrived. Fundamental help is given by the brush: a large brush allows to be more precise with a single stroke.

1 – Apply a very thin coat of nail polish, starting from the base to the tip of the nail; it doesn’t matter if signs remain, they will be covered by the second hand.

2 – Once dried completely apply the second coat in the same way, from the base to the tip of the nail.

Notes: do not forget to reach the tip of the nails; it’s essential for a long lasting manicure. Tips are the first points in which the polish is fading.

The top coat

To finish your manicure, don’t forget top coat. There are different types of top coats with different effects: GLOSSY, MATT .. just choose your favourite!

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