How to make your eyebrows look gorgeous!

For a complete make-up we must not forget the eyebrows!
Over the years, eyebrows have been through a lot! Thin, thick, wild…today, finally the right compromise!…
What must we do for a natural but tidy look ?

Let’s see togheter what you have to do :

Tweezers: essential! but use them in moderation. Pluck only a few hairs, to keep the naturalness of the eyebrows, while looking for symmetry. Recreate the perfect shape for your face, evaluating proportions and the harmony of features.

Spoolie: brush the eyebrows to clean them up and promote the growth of other hairs, helping the eyebrows become thicker.

Pencil: with the eyebrow-pencil, draw small strokes following the natural growth of the hair to fill them and get the desired shape.

Be careful! Do not darken the initial part of the eyebrows too much. If the eyebrows are too geometric they will no longer have a « Natural Look ». Gel fixer: last but not least! Use an eyebrow-mascara to fix the shape and make the color uniform.

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