The art of applying Lipstick

​Lipstick has always been the make-up par excellence, but it’s difficult to apply lipstick properly. Isn’t it?
To apply lipstick in a sensational way, you need to take your time.
Here are the 3 commandments to follow for this mission:

1 – Moisturize :
moisturizing your lips is the first, essential step. To do this, use your favourite lip balm.
In case of chapped lips, apply also a delicate scrub formulated specifically for them.

2 – Outline :
Lip contours are not always easily visible, so using a lip pencil is very helpful. Choose a shade in line with the natural pigment of your lips and outline the contours.

3 – Apply : here comes the crucial moment. It’s time to apply lipstick!
For a professional application use a lip brush to take a little bit of lipstick and apply the color on your lips, without forgetting the corners. The Lip brush allows you to be more precise during the application.
The lazier people can directly use the stick. To do that, first apply the lipstick on the edges using the pointed tip, then use the wider part to color the rest of the lips.
Note : dark colors make the lips appear smaller. Light colors make them appear larger.

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